Around The Home

We can supply just about any kind of product to aid your daily living.
The range of products are so vast, to support a wide range of different disabilities people have that their simply isnt the space on this website to fit everything on!
We supply
  • Bathing & toilet aids
  • Rise & recline chairs & beds
  • Bath lifts & equipment
  • Walking sticks & all kinds of walking aids (zimmers/triwalkers/rollators)
  • Incontinence products
  • Scooter/powerchair/wheelchair accessories
Please visit the websites liked below that can show you a full range of products, or contact us/pop in for a brocure.
We do stock a wide range of products in store. Let us know what you require & we will endevour to help.
Roma Medical - Huge range of just about everything
Simplantex - For Scooter, Wheelchair & home aids
Rise & Recline - For powered chairs & beds
We also have accounts with NRS, Patterson Medical & The care shop