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Motor Service/Rebuild

MK Mobility UK are pleased to offer this unique service. 

How it works....

1. Contact us and let us know what motor you have, if it's faulty or due a rebuild.

2. Upon recieving the motor, we will carefully strip it down. If necessary, we will contact you with what we have found inside and email you photos.

3. Upon agreeing on what to replace, we will reassmble the motor.

4. Once bench tested & complete, your motor will be shipped back to you/ready for collection 

What it costs.

Labour to strip, clean, test and rebuild £30

RTN Postage £8.99

Parts costs 

Most commonly required

SKF Bearings (two in each motor) £8.50 ea

Brushes Each (you will need 2 or 4) £10

How Long Does It Take 

The timescale depends mainly on how quickly the parts arrive. 

Best case scenario upon receiving the motor, not inc return shipping time is 2 working days.

Longest time likely to be 10 days.

How To Book

Click the 'Contact Us' button and send us your details, bike details etc and we will get back to you to book a date for drop off.

Be Aware

If the motor is burnt out or there is a problem with the windings, it can't be fixed by servicing. 

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