MK Mobility Engineering services

​MK Mobility is a business that started out as repair specialists. Before the retail premesis we currently occupy, we we're on the road up & down the length of the country carrying out repairs. It's our bread and butter, and something we take great pride in. We often repair scooters that other dealers have either missed things or simply given up on.
You may have noticed we don't sell certain scooters that other shops do, that's because we have decided not to from an engineering point of view. We have a long list off accounts that other shops can't get near, but select our range of products very carefully. Therefore, every product we sell, we fully support & trust.
Please read on for to see the range of services we can offer.

Mobility Scooter/power chair nut & bolt rebuild

Over a period of time, the steel frame of a scooter will begin to rust and look generally tatty. Most scooters have plastic body work, and the frame is hidden. Using the Rascall 355 in the picture to the left as an example, this scooters frame is exposed. We taken an old silver Rascal 355 in part exchange and stripped it down the the frame, it then looked just like the rusty tired frame on the picture. We had some welding done (more info on welding below), had the frame, bars & seat posts shot blasted and then powercoated yellow. Every nut, bolt & screw was replaced. It had new batteries fitted. Also the bearings were changed in the motor and the gearbox repacked with fresh grease. The white 355 above had the same service, minus the welding.

Alloy & Steel Welding

Aluminium & steel welding facilities.


To the right is an example of some steel welding to the yellow Rascal 355 pictured above. We removed anti tip brackets from another scooter and welded them to the 355 before powercoating. This really makes the scooter totally unique, better than new and now with some added stability, which was the only real complaint of an otherwise great scooter when they were new.

355 website 3.jpg
355 website 3.jpg

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355 website 3.jpg
355 website 3.jpg

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Motor Bearing Replacement

Pictured to the left is a Pihsiang motor & brake removed from a Shoprider Cameo. Over time, the bearings can wear creating noise and reduced range. We can strip your motor, fully clean, inspect for damage, replace OEM bearings for high quality SKF bearings, replace the motor brushes and re-assemble. We can currenty offer this service on the models listed below. However this service is possible on all models pending our inspection.





355, mk1 & 2

388, S, D & XL




760 & 765





Cameo, 3 & 4


Sovereign, 3 & 4

Super Sovereign








Nippy & Snappy


Sunrise Medical


Little Star

Little Gem


Sapphire 1